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Darcelle XV Showplace
208 Northwest Third Avenue
Portland, Oregon

Reservations - 503-222-5338

Entertainment Charge - $20

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Show Times

8:00 PM - Wed & Thurs
8:00 & 10:30 - Fri & Sat

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Male Centerfold Show
Friday and Saturday Nights Only
At Midnight

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Events Calendar


2015 La Femme Magnifique Oregon & La Femme Magnifique Plus Oregon Results

2013 La Femme Titleholders

Photo courtesy Shadow
All Rights Reserved

2015 La Femme Oregon Lulu Lucious(right) and
2015 La Femme Plus Oregon Summer Lynne Seasons(left)

Winner - Black and White Category Lulu Lucious


2014 La Femme Magnifique International & La Femme Magnifique Plus International Results

2013 La Femme Titleholders

Photo courtesy Shadow
All Rights Reserved

2014 La Femme International Madam Anita DuMoore(right) and
2014 La Femme Plus International Priscilla Blackstone (left)


Attention One And All!

Darcelle has announced that the La Femme Magnifique Inernational Pageant is NOT cancelled. Darcelle is going forward with the pageant at the OREGON CONVENTION CENTER over 2014 Labor Day weekend. The only chane will be NO THEME category. All cities and states are encouraged to hold their regional pageants and send winners and runner-ups

All enquires should be sent to darcellexv@aol.com

Absolut Variety Calendar fundraiser for Camp KC

The cast of Darcelle XV & Co is thrilled to partner with Absolut Vodka in this very special fundraiser for Camp KC. The 2014 calendar features fabulous full color images of the cast dressed in their interpretation of classic Absolut flavors, by Carlos Silvas, and includes 11 signature cocktail recipes to try at home. These limited edition must haves are only $10 each and available exclusively at Darcelle XV Showplace. They can also be ordered by e-mailing darcellexv@aol.com.

Darcelle Pitching

Photograph courtesy of Roger - All Rights Reserved

Darcelle throws out the first pitch at The Bat N Rouge even on August 12th

Darcelle XV is writing another book and you're invited to be a part of it!

Do you remember your most meaningful visit to the Darcelle XV Showplace?

  • Was it your 21st birthday, college graduation, bachelorette party or anniversary?
  • Did one of your parents take you there as a Portland rite of passage or a coming of age family tradition?
  • Did you come with a bunch of friends to see the male strippers and find yourself falling in love with the man under the blonde bouffant, rouged cheeks and glittered eyebrows?
  • Did you scream with laughter the first time you saw Rhinestone Cowboy or laugh and cry as Darcelle poured out his heart in his one-man show?

What is it about this Old Town institution that struck a chord with you? We'd like to hear your story! Tell us your fondest memories of the legendary Darcelle XV and you just may find yourself on the pages of his next best-selling book! Submission may be e-mailed to darcellexv@aol.com