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Darcelle XV Showplace
208 Northwest Third Avenue
Portland, Oregon

Reservations - 503-222-5338

Entertainment Charge - $20

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8:00 PM - Wed & Thurs
8:00 & 10:30 - Fri & Sat

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Male Centerfold Show
Friday and Saturday Nights Only
At Midnight

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Coming to Darcelle XV Showplace Every Tuesday starting March 1, 2016


It is with great sadness the family and close friends of Donald Kahapea/ Destiny Lynn announce his passing Tuesday morning February 2, 2016. Donald was the dedicated Community Service Coordinator for Our House of Portland's Esther's Pantry and Todd's Corner, and Destiny was one of the most memorable showgirls at Darcelle XV Showplace. He was a faithful friend, a committed advocate for our Community and an amazing entertainer who will be missed by all who knew him. Please join the family and friends at the celebration of his life this Saturday, 1pm-3pm at Darcelle's in Old Town (208 NW 3rd) .

Darcelle XV Showplace - 2/02/2016

It is with great sadness that the Esther's pantry family found out today that our boss Donald Kahapea passed away over the weekend. There are no word's to explain our profound loss of this amazing, compassionate, wonderful human being. Donald worked at Esther's pantry and Todd's Corner for twelve years. He was tireless in his dedication to people living with HIV and AIDS. A memorial service is being held at Darcelles on Saturday February 6th from 1-3pm. All are welcome.

Robby Bricker Voyles - 2/02/2016

Photo courtesy Alexis Campbell Starr

I am sad to say that we lost a GREAT cast member of many years Tiara Desmond. You will be greatly missed and I know we will all miss you. Thank you for being part of not only the lives at the club but our La Femme Magnifique family too.

Darcelle XV Showplace - 12/07/2015

"Today is going to be a hard day, and I'm reaching out for your prayers. Late last night heaven called another angel home. My dear Friend Tiara Desmond you will be missed and loved! People tell your loved ones how much you love them now because you may never get another chance! "I imagine what it will be like to be surrounded by the glory of God. You have arrived in your eternal home. Rest now..."

Alexis Campbell Starr - 12/07/2015

The Society Hotel

This is the Hotel opening up across the street from Darcelle XV Showplace so if your coming into town and need a place to stay please check out there web site and book reservations.

Click here to go to their site

2015 La Femme Magnifique International & La Femme Magnifique Plus International Results

2013 La Femme Titleholders

Photo courtesy Shadow
All Rights Reserved

2015 La Femme International Lulu Lucious (right) ) and
2015 La Femme Plus International Isabella De La Rosa (left)


2015 La Femme Magnifique Oregon & La Femme Magnifique Plus Oregon Results

2013 La Femme Titleholders

Photo courtesy Shadow
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2015 La Femme Oregon Lulu Lucious(right) and
2015 La Femme Plus Oregon Summer Lynne Seasons(left)

Winner - Black and White Category Lulu Lucious


Darcelle XV is writing another book and you're invited to be a part of it!

Do you remember your most meaningful visit to the Darcelle XV Showplace?

  • Was it your 21st birthday, college graduation, bachelorette party or anniversary?
  • Did one of your parents take you there as a Portland rite of passage or a coming of age family tradition?
  • Did you come with a bunch of friends to see the male strippers and find yourself falling in love with the man under the blonde bouffant, rouged cheeks and glittered eyebrows?
  • Did you scream with laughter the first time you saw Rhinestone Cowboy or laugh and cry as Darcelle poured out his heart in his one-man show?

What is it about this Old Town institution that struck a chord with you? We'd like to hear your story! Tell us your fondest memories of the legendary Darcelle XV and you just may find yourself on the pages of his next best-selling book! Submission may be e-mailed to darcellexv@aol.com